2017 Northeast Ag Expo Small Grains Field Day Provides Many Benefits Including Dollars to Growers

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The Perquimans Extension Center hosted the 2017 Northeast Ag Expo Small Grains Field Day on February 23, 2017 at Whitehat Seed Farm in Hertford, NC. This regional field day is highly valued by the growers as indicated by the 150 in attendance that represented 103,425 acres of cropland and 41,250 acres of small grains. Topics covered included an update of worker protection standards (WPS), use of NC Official Variety data, management of fusarium head blight (scab) in wheat, options for herbicide treatments when managing weeds in wheat, utilizing a wheat heading predictive model, and wheat management practices for maximum profitable yields. In addition to the information shared by presenters, 42 farmers and 22 commercial pesticide applicators received pesticide credits to keep their licenses valid. When participants were asked if they had benefited from previous small grains field days, their cumulative response indicated that they had an average yield increase of 2.3 bushels per acre for a total value of $216,000.  Among the comments made by those present, one attendee said, “Excellent, very comprehensive discussion. Better time of growing season to impact yields with good management.”

trade show participants

Participants interacting with trade show vendors at the 2017 Northeast Ag Expo Small Grains Field Day


Audience listening to presentations by Extension Specialist and researchers from North Carolina State University

participant demographics

Pie chart showing distribution of participants by occupation in attendance at the 2017 NE Ag Expo Small Grains Field Day