Pasquotank Youth Get Honored at Weeksville Lions Club

— Written By award recipients

Pictured:  Jessica Hoffman, Madison Wooten, Summer Forbes, Avery Otts, Mason Lawrence, Extension Agent, Lauren Winslow, Camryn Lawrence, Josh Fletcher, Ethan Copeland and Luke Gray. Not Pictured:  Matthew Meads

Weeksville Lions Club held a special dinner meeting on Wednesday, June 7th for youth who excelled in the Albemarle Area 4-H Livestock Show and Sale from Pasquotank County. Youth who placed first in senior, intermediate or junior showmanship in steers, lambs, goats or hogs or if they had the first place animal in any of these species and were from Pasquotank County they were invited to a dinner and were given a cash award. This was a great accomplishment as we had one of the largest shows that we have ever had. We had a total of 261 animals shown by 197 participants. According to Mason Lawrence, Extension Agent, 4-H, “Livestock exhibition is a huge time commitment and requires many resources to produce a quality animal and to get it prepared for show-time. These young adults worked diligently for many hours and would like to thank the Lions Club for recognizing them for their achievements. To learn more about 4-H and the Animal Programs in Pasquotank County contact the Pasquotank Extension Center at 338-3954.