2017 4-H Congress Delegates

— Written By and last updated by youth participants

Pictured above are the youth who participated all week:  Josh Fletcher, Madisyn Boyce, Camryn Lawrence, Karima Quintero, Summer Forbes, Wil Haines, Alex Quintero, Victoria Robey, Lauren Winslow, Mikayla Quintero and Lance Sharber.

This year’s 4-H Congress, held in Raleigh July 29-Aug. 1, attracted more than 500 young people and their adult leaders for activities including presentations on a variety of subjects, leadership and citizenship training, service opportunities, officer elections and more.

Pasquotank County had 11 youth to participate in the week long event and 3 others who just went up on Saturday to compete. We are very proud of our youth as we came home with the following awards:

Jacob Meads 9, son of Laura and Charles Meads of Nixonton, Alex Quintero 16, daughter of Amy and David Quintero of Elizabeth City, Avery Otts 11, daughter of Leslie and David Otts of Weeksville, Josh Fletcher 13, son of Michele Fletcher and Robert Fletcher of Weeksville, Kyle Rust 13, son of Shellee and Jerome Rust of Elizabeth City, all won gold medals in contest designed to test 4-hers ability to prepare and demonstrate presentations on a variety of topics that the youth researched, created, and presented to an audience .

Ellie Jackson 12, daughter of Kim and Chuck Jackson of Hertford, placed silver in Agriculture Science and Camryn Lawrence 15, daughter of Lisa Lawrence of Weeksville, placed silver in Livestock and Dairy Production.

Lauren Winslow 16, daughter of Sheila Winslow of Elizabeth City, received bronze with her presentation on Agriculture Science and Victoria Robey 18, daughter of Lisa and Wesley Robey of Kitty Hawk, received bronze with her presentation on Horticulture Science.