Pasquotank Farm Tour

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Below are the links to information that was covered during the 2020 Pasquotank County Farm Tour. If you have any questions please contact Al Wood.

Pasquotank County Farm Tour Soybean Varieties:

Soybean Varieties

2020 Maturity Group III and IV Soybean Fertility Tests

Optimizing Soybean Maturity

Alligator thrips information:

Alligatorweed Thrips

Alligatorweed Thrips for Alligatorweed Control

Alligatorweed Thrips video (video by Tom Glasgow, County Extension Agent and Horticulture Agent, Craven County)

Factsheet published  with regards to saltwater intrusion:

Saltwater Intrusion in Agricultural Fields in Northeastern North Carolina and Potential Remediation