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This event has already ended.
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 6 days ago

Testing to obtain your private applicator license.

Jan 18 Fri

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Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 6 hours away

Cowan Taylor, Grain Elevator Manager, Smithfield Grain: Derek Washburn, NC Farm School Program Associate, NCSU, Nick Lassiter, Grain Marketing Specialist, NCDA&CS will be the speakers. Lunch will be provided.

Jan 24 Thu
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 7 days away

Dinner meeting - Topics are corn production including insect management, weed control and disease management, along with biotech traits. Al Wood, Extension Agent, Pasquotank and Ron Heiniger, Extension Crops Specialist, NCSU will be the speakers. 2 of the following credits will be given: X, D, N, and O

Jan 30 Wed
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 1 week away

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification - Pesticide Applicators: Doing the Job Right. Al Wood, Extension Agent, Pasquotank; Grace Manzer, Extension Agent, Pasquotank; and Chris Hassell, Pesticide Inspector, NCDA&CS will be the speakers. Topics to be covered are Trobleshooting/Identifying Pest Problems, Doing the Math for a Pesticide Application and Minimizing Spray Drift. 3.5 credit hours of the following will be awarded: X, A, B, D, G, H, I, K, L, N, O, and T.

Jan 31 Thu
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 2 weeks away

Would you like to become and Extension Master Gardener Volunteer? NC State Extension Master Gardener volunteers provide unbiased, research-based information on gardens, lawns and landscapes. Under the guidance and direction of Extension agents, volunteers complete a 40-hour training program, pass an examination, and complete at least a 40-hour internship. To remain active in the program volunteers must log a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time and a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education each year. To learn about becoming a Master Gardener in Pasquotank County please contact, Grace Manzer, Extension Agent, Horticulture, at 252.338.3954 or via email at gemanzer@ncsu.edu

eventeventevent This is a recurring event
Feb 4 Mon
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 2 weeks away

Meeting will be dealing with soil test reports and plant nutrient management. Speakers are Al Wood, Extension Agent, Pasquotank; Dr. Carl Crozier, Extension Soils Specialist, NCSU; Dr.David Hardy, NCDA&CS, Agronomic Services, Soil Testing; and Carla Pugh, Area Agronomist, Agronomic Services, NCDA&CS.

Feb 5 Tue
Pasquotank Extension Auditorium 2 weeks away

Private recertification class.

8:00 - 10:00 - 2 hours of V credits - Topics will be recertification, Air Purifying Respirators for Agricultural Pesticide Applications and Nozzle Tip Know How.

10:00 - 12:00 - 2 hours of X, A, B, D, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, and T credits

Topics are Labels and Label Jeopardy, Worksheet on Finding Information on the Pesticide Label, Pesticide Exposure & Health plus the top 10 reasons to Use PPE

Al Wood, Extension Agent, Pasquotank and Clay Hudson, Pesticide Section, NCDA&CS are the speakers.

Feb 6 Wed