Pasquotank County Welcomes New Horticulture Agent

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Horticulture Agent

Grace Manzer

Pasquotank County Cooperative Extension is pleased to announce that Grace Manzer began her role as Extension Horticulture Agent, effective July 9. Ms. Manzer graduated from North Carolina State University in May 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Horticulture.

Grace was born in West Virginia but at 3 months of age her family moved to the area. She has been raised in an agricultural family and went through the Pasquotank County School System where she was heavily involved in FFA. Grace was also a member of the Pasquotank County 4-H where she received the honor of being inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame.

“Pasquotank County provided me with a fantastic community to grow up in, and I am very excited to be back here for work to share my passion for plants and support local agriculture.” said Grace Manzer.

Grace’s major area of responsibility is commercial horticulture and providing support for commercial cabbage and potato growers in Pasquotank County. Additional responsibilities include management of the Pasquotank Extension Master Gardener Program and support for homeowners related to home horticulture.